Los Angeles (Pico/Robertson Neighborhood); Avi and Miquela Climo were married in the summer of 2019. Shortly after they decided to take a road trip throughout the United States, where they found hospitality at the homes of over 20 Chabad Shlichim. This unique and enlightening experience made the couple realize that this was their shlichus (mission) as well; to open their home to all Jews who want to share a Shabbos or Yom Tov meal. With HaShem’s help they welcomed their first child Chaya-Mushka in December of 2021.

The idea to host, Baruch HaShem, came at the perfect time as due to the lockdown people were no able to host guests, and shuls were closed and no longer able to continue offering Kiddush and meals. Avi and Miquela took this time as an opportunity to host Jewish souls that would have otherwise been alone or simply wouldn’t have had a Shabbos of Yom Tov meal. Shabbos after Shabbos, they pack in like sardines ready to enjoy delicious kosher food in a family environment. Avi and Miquela understood Jews’ intrinsic need to be together, sometimes despite the enormous pressure not to be. Their shlichus is that every Yid should have a kosher Shabbos and Yom Tov meal, while being surrounded by the comfort of their loving family. By coming together and connecting with our fellow Jews we will fulfill our mission in the coming of Moshaich and bringing the final and ultimate redemption! 

In the past year collectively our chevra was able to accomplish the following, and so much more

-Served over 4500 meals

-Connected with over 400 Jews

-Hosted over 120 Shabbos meals

-2 marriages! 

-Hosted Chag meals including Sukkot, Peach, Shavuos, Purim, Channukah, Lag BaOmer, Rosh Chodesh, Khol Hamoed, break fasts and more!

-Hosting Farbrangs and Melavah Malkah, bonfires, and grill gatherings for learning and connecting.

-Helped 5 Jews get their own Tefillin

-Wrapped Tefillin with countless Jewish men

-Delivered over 300 honey cakes Rosh Hashanah 

-Held two public Menorah lightings, thank you to Rabbi Shalom Cunin for letting us borrow his Menorah.

Thanks to your support and contributions we were able to collectively accomplish so much. with your increased support, meaning cheesed, meaning tzedakah, we look forward to turning the world up side down to prepare it for the coming of Moshiach, imminently and speedily in our day. 

With blessings,  

Avi and Miquela Climo